Social Media Optimization

Social media marketing is the smart process of using social networking websites to promote businesses. It is one of the most affordable and common marketing platforms available for attracting unique visitors to the website and generating better ROI for the business.

Improved search ranking is also benefit for successful SMO. SMO works just like traditional advertising in physical world. SMO is all about creating a ''buzz" that will go a long way in creating visibility for your business.

Over 30 billion items are shared on Face book each month and 95 million tweets are generated on Twitter each day. Social Media has become such a part of everyday life for most people that small business owners are now following the lead of giant corporations and are actively participating in social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing leads to a lot more talk about your brand online. By the help of Social Media Optimization directly interact to your targeted customers by building awareness of your product and also get instant feed backs, which will help in providing better product and services.

Advantages of SMO:

Right SMO can add many vital points to your business reputation, by:

  • Influencing a customer's opinions about your business.
  • Creating brand awareness amongst wider audience.
  • Drive quality traffic to your website from the social networking websites
  • Higher probability to generate great returns on your investment
  • Social Networking sites get your clients, prospects, fans and business partners all together in one place
  • Social Media Optimization is interactive. Unlike traditional marketing, it won't only get you in touch with your audience, it also allows you to get the most valuable feedback from clients
  • SMO allows direct customer engagement even after purchase has been made, via mailer's and community forums.

How does SMO differ from SEO?

SEO works on obtaining visitors via search engines, SMO works on obtaining visitors via social media.

Hence both SEO and SMO are critical for a website to succeed. Both of them complement each other and provide outstanding success to the website when implemented.

If you choose to ignore SMO then the damage it can cause to your business is probable in terms of brand image/ awareness and business revenue.