Good Reviews vs Bad Reviews

To go or not to go for that just-released movie… If that’s the question, read its reviews and get it clear!

Be it movies, music, books, restaurant, mobile phones, laptop, car or any other product/service on the earth – if you are a potential buyer, the simplest way to clear your doubts today is read reviews and decide accordingly!

The most-trusted form of feedback acquisition and the most popular form of advertising – reviews – are here and here to stay. Like it or not. Now the question is how to tackle it.

Good reviews

Almost all business websites have a ‘feedback’ section and/or are registered with popular review websites where customers share their experiences. Satisfied, happy, loyal customers do make it a point to drop in a line there. The catch here is that if you ask them to do so, they may get turned off. Once the transaction is complete, you may make a casual mention to your customer that your business would be helped greatly if they shared their experiences and feedback via their comments. Being too pushy may look cheap so the very first step towards getting a positive response would be to let the ball be in their court.

Bad reviews

Bad reviews are content with negative feedback or unhappy experiences. Close competition… bitter ex-employees… dissatisfied customers… or even psychos (if we may call them so), who look forth to posting negative with an aim to sue the business-owner and get their bill refunded! Unbelievable, right? You may also think of it as a publicity stunt – grabbing attention just for the sake of it!

Impact on consumers

Conscious buyers tend to check every single detail before making any purchase or taking even the decision of it. With the (in)numerable brands available for almost every product/service, the comparison factor creeps in anyhow! Reviews play a very important role here.

If you are a consumer –

  • • Reviews will make you aware and knowledgeable. You will get a before-hand idea of what are the possible issues you might face.
  • • Decide wisely. It is absolutely not necessary that a particular product/service will happy all.
  • • Read the negative reviews well. There could have been some misunderstanding too.
  • • All products/services bought/used are purely subjective to every individual.
  • • Follow your heart! Go for it if you really feel the need to, regardless of reviews!

Impact on business

Business-owners note that –

  • • One good review may not really convert a consumer into a customer but it sure will catch his/her attention, which is good enough for your brand.
  • • Don’t take things for granted if you have been getting only good reviews! Stay alert and make a point to thank your loyal customers.
  • • Don’t get disheartened by bad reviews. They actually are good for your business if you take them positively. You would know where you might need to improve or pay attention to. Feedback always helps!
  • • If you aim at pleasing all, you will only be losing focus from your actual goal – the growth of your business, so relax!