Impact of Reviews on Business

You want to visit a restaurant. You check its review online. Positive! There you satiate your taste buds!!

You want to buy a phone. Online review negative! You switch to another option!!

You bought a watch online. Bad experience with the shopping portal! You post a negative review! Other prospective users get alert!!

This is how the best form of advertising works – by word of mouth! And online reviews are the new ‘word of mouth’!

New platform for sharing feedback

Small, big, local, global, established, new – any kind of business may resort to getting reviews for consumer feedback. Any kind of shopping experience followed by a review does influence a lot of other buyers. Studies say that even the older generation has turned to the young for online reviews of a product/service before getting it. Such reviews provide an unbiased opinion for a crystal-clear picture of one’s experiences.

Myths cleared

As a business-owner, you might get worried about the content of the review generated. But you need not worry, since this is very much under your control. You cannot overlook the importance of reviews. Several of them may be fake ones, but equally several may be genuine too! Then there is something called responsive reaction where you respond to each review-poster and interact with him/her, solving the mentioned grievances. But that’s really not required! At times, silence is golden!


Any kind of business may find reviews very impactful. Hence, managing online reputation is very important. Consumers have become quite conscious in decision-making. They want to make full utility of their buying power so they want to get assured in every possible way. Personal recommendation works best; and the virtual form of this is online review. Such reviews create a huge impact on your business because one positive review may or may not get you a customer but one negative review is sure to trigger off several consumers. Moreover, reviews are the best form of feedback for your business. You get to know what impact your product or service has had on your customer. By regularly monitoring these reviews, you stand a chance to make necessary amendments in your business as well.

Do’s and don'ts

Here is a quick checklist on what to do and what not to wherein reviews on your business are concerned:

  • Have a control on the content of the review generated.
  • One in a thousand customers may not find your product or service satisfactory, so don’t get alarmed by a negative review!
  • Don’t ignore negative reviews either – all of them may not be competition-generated spam!
  • Respond to the reviews; no need to have the last say!
  • Market yourself well and let your satisfied and loyal customers speak for you!
  • Welcome the new era of consumerism and accept this change whole-heartedly!

With the increasing number of netizens across the globe, it has become quite easy to monitor and judge the response to your business. Put a brave foot forward and let your business override the user reviews, not vice-versa!